Friday, March 20, 2015

And Ilana got a new haircut

Ilana and a friend went to Chicago to work on her China visa,  She went to some special haircut place and got a new haircut.  With a trendy gray streak.  Many people have un trendy can't help it gray streaks.  She assures me that this is very current.

Myself, I do have to remember that you have to have sufficient hair to have a new hairstyle.  Which I, unfortunately do not have; now or in the past.  Not likely to change for the better, either.

I'm coming out of this flu.  I bought all my plane tickets for our upcoming complicated trip. Including one for my sister.  So, the next project is to feel well enough to work on that scrapbook paper.

Dennis doesn't know it but I've declared it a takeout night.

But cute picture of Ilana!

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