Saturday, January 24, 2015


I went to a Board Retreat today but it didn't look like this.  And I'm not on the Board, actually.  But I serve kind of in a staff position.  And I'm familiar with everybody involved.

I like all the people; I think the event was run very well.  It was held at somebody's house, a big mock tudor house on a street of similar big houses.

I had been close to a burnout, doing too much with this organization.  I didn't volunteer to do any of the many jobs needed to keep a non-profit afloat.  Though I can see a major project I have been considering effectively blocked.  Very indirectly.  I choose to interpret that my project could not happen; it wasn't well thought out; it needs another direction.  Another form. 

But I'm certainly exhausted.  We went out to La Raza where we go most every Saturday evening and watched dumb tv.

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