Monday, December 22, 2014

First Selfie

I got this new phone, or rather, an internet device with which you can make phone calls.  Got tired of paying Verizion so much.  So spinning Naomi off and I'm joining Dennis on his AARP plan with Consumer Cellular.

So we've been screwing around with the new phone.  And, after many tries, Naomi, Ilana and I took a sort of ok merrirment type selfie.  They're out walking the dogs.  Took Shirra to the vet today, all is ok except she snapped at a 4 year old boy but no harm done.

Much baking going on.  Ilana made 3 challahs.  I mentioned that we haven't had any christmas cookies and Naomi immediately whipped some up.

So it's ok at our house.

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