Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Today I started with an emergency team meeting for a parent...at Starbucks.  Helped her come up with a plan for her son's release from custody.  Then the women on the team, we made a date to go to Cantina Lena (the place to go!) for New Year's Ever Day.  To buy popsicles of course.

Then Danny put together a lunch (see picture) at a local breakfast place.  His in-laws are visiting and it was good to see Myla, Alissa and Melia.  Actually it was a cheerful laughter filled fun time.  See picture.  I brought Ilana, Naomi and Matt.  Nine of us altogether.  I  consulted with my son; he suggested we split.  I was fine with that.  In fact, if felt darn good to go up to the register and say "My son and I will split the bill."

And we did.

Then off to Costco.  Our xmas eve/xmas mornings numbers keep shifting  Xmas eve up 2; xmas morning down 3.

Ilana and Matt went with me.  3pm on Dec 23rd.  I declared, in the beginning...commitment, perseverance and persistance will get us through this.  We bought everything on our list.  Apple pie, pastry, ham, eggs, etc.  We made it, we made it.  It was very quiet and peaceful back in the dog food section.  I kind of wanted to stay there.  We did buy another big box of a current staple acound here.  Milkbones.

Plus some discounted gift cards to Tom Doughlas restaurants.  The Cantina Lena told Matt that we could use Homreready cards there so that should work.

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