Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Big Island

Susanna just got back from the Big Island of Hawaii.  I traveled there four years ago with my sister and brother.  Dennis picked her up at the airport and I know her dog Hammy was very glad to see her.  He's been here all week.  Of course, just when the cats get use to him, he leaves.  Starbaby likes to wrestle with her dog (as well as sunbathe).  At first the cats would not come in because of Hammy.  Even though Hammy had not been at all aggressive.  And even when Dennis had made an easily accessible dog-free area.

Yesterday afternoon, Starbaby established herself on one of the desk chairs and she and Teddy were doing their wrestling thing.  Hammy came in and I'm guessing he's thinking "Oh, there's a cat, I know what to do with cats.  Leave them alone.  Do not mess with them.  Bad Idea,"  But then he saw Teddy wrestling with and chewing on Starbaby.  He did not know what to think about that.  Looked like fun but could you really do that with cats?

I'm thinking that those two and family are really thinking about moving to Hawaii.  I'm dubious.  There's such a small economic base and it's so isolated.  But they're the ones to decide..

A picture that Megan took.

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