Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bottom Feeding

The Office Depot store near my house is closing.  Too bad because it was so convenient to have an office supply store so close.  But hardly any customers.

But the closing sale, who can resist the deals?  It's about 90% off right now.  I look at the binders and think, what could I do with binders?  Actually I use binders for my various projects all the time.  So I hatch an idea about making up binders for newish parent group members.  Give them a place to put their weekly small step sheets.  They sold me one for $5 14 years ago.  So I pitch it to the Program Committee and the Reps.  I realize but it's not the massively best idea ever and maybe not sustainable.  But reasonably high support.

Plus I can buy binders for 80 cents apiece.  OK, I admit to buying 86 binders so far.  Who can resist.  Then I decided that I would print a cover on colored paper.  Go back.  Get colored paper cheap.  You can see the problem.  Every time I go over there, I swear this is the last time.  And things are getting pretty thin.

Bought a box of invitation stock for $3.50.  Such a deal!

I know, stay out of there.

My Gospel teacher announced that everybody better come prepared to discuss certain questions.  Half the people didn't come.  But I did.  My question remains, what the heck were the Jews talking about in Isiah 53?  Crazy talk.

I'll have to think about what other bounty there might be hiding at the closing Office Depot store.

Naomi says she needs pencils....

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