Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jamie and Dee

We concluded the visiting portion of our trip with a trip to a local Mexican restaurant with Jamie and Dee.  They're doing great with three sons (all taller than Jamie) in college.  Jamie's an engineer at a major hardware firm; Dee in charge of developmental preschool programs.  I always enjoy being with them.  Denns and I go wayyyy back with Jamie.  When we were young adults, Jamie was still in high school.  He came from a very chaotic family; basically no acting parents, living in a duplex next door to tired detached grandparents.  He really depended on Dennis and his parents for family support.  He highly valued it.  We were the ones to come see him when he was in the school play.  When graduation came, he offered us graduation tickets, at first we put him off.  His face fell "You know, I don't have anybody to give these tickets to.  I was hoping you would come."  Of course, we went.  He fussed over us and we made a big show of taking pictures.

He made a great choice in a spouse.  Dee has been solid and together they were able to build the family life that Jamie always wanted.  They made it.  Plus I enjoy them and always have a great time when we get together.

Sorry Jamie that your eyes are closed in this picture.

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