Thursday, October 16, 2014

Digital Jewish History

Here's the result from the class I took last spring, Digital Jewish History.  Class members prepared four videos.  I took it as an access student along with 4 other undergraduates.  I teamed up with Katy, the only other woman in the class.  This is her video.  She included my name first which isn't really right.  I told her she could put my name as an author if she wanted.  I did a lot of the archive work.

The idea was to transform some of the material in Special Collections into a historical piece.  There's a lot there but it's hard to put it together into something that actually makes sense.  We knew there was a lot of Council of Jewish Women materials and they ran a Settlement House.  It was much easier for me to get to Special Collections, to sift through what was there.  Yes, there was many boxes but could you get a research question out of it?  I did a lot of the sifting of the materials, photographing then and sendigng them to Katy.  Turns out the most interesting pieces were the short annual reports that the Settlement House committee made to the Board.  Who knew?

I also went out to Bellevue College to the State Archives for a real estate appraisal picture of the Settlement House (cover picture).

But Katy put it together.  Some of the photographs were from other Settlement Houses.  She found the music and did the narration.  I helped a little bit on the recording.

Our technical difficulties caused Dennis and I to buy a new laptop as Katy didn't own one and our tablet did NOT do what we needed during some class work sessions.  A Technoloty FAIL, I told him.

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