Monday, July 15, 2019

UW Medicinal Garden

As I've mentioned many times, I'm an Access Student at the University of Washington.  Much of it is very beautiful.  Not like Univ California, Santa Cruz, nothing could beat that.  But very scenic, mostly.  Here's a picture of a portion of the Medicinal Garden at UW.  I know my doctor was involved with this garden and most of the plants looked in good shape.  The road is before the big trees in the background, cross that road and drop down just a little bit to Bloedel Hall where I have my class.  Never seen that building before, nice mid-century modern in a forest setting.  But looks like it might have looked better 30 years ago.  Big improvement over the original classroom assignment, an interior room in Bagley (Chemistry building) which was truly dreadful.

I do think they could have done much better in the Campus Parkway portion of the campus.  What was anybody thinking?

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