Monday, March 18, 2019

Beach at Meadowdale

We had dinner with Naomi on Saturday.  She shared with me this picture that she had taken in an early morning hike at the beach at Meadowdale.  Olympic Mountains in the background.  Puget Sound (or known as the Sailish Sea).  She said it was very peaceful.

Today it was 74 degrees in Seattle.  Warmest winter day on record.  I could riff on global warming but no.  This is after weeks and weeks of temperatures in the 30s.  Everybody including me was so freezing.  So warm in my  backyard, I just went out there and sat in the sun.  I'm sure most of those in the Seattle area were doing the exact same thing.  Just being warm.  also finished cleaning up the debris from a big branch that fell of our cedar tree in some storm or another.  There were still parts of it around.

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