Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cresting 65 - Part 2 Health

A friend said a while ago, "It's upsetting that people my age are now dying from natural causes and not accidents."

Yes, exactly.

As I look around, I am beginning to see people my age with serious health crises.  Even dying (Fred of blessed memory, of flu complications).  Non-Hodgkins lympoma next door.  "Lung nodules," found in a friend, complications of heart and diabetes in another.

And, despite, the model that we were steeped in, people don't necessarily 'get better.'  You know the model, go to the doctor, get your medicine and you get better.  In previous centuries, people expired in middle age.  Now not so much or not talked about.

People died in their 60s, even now.  Nobody is immune from this death thing.

It's circling.

I talked with my cousin about the money thing, she knew many people who were fortunate to have trans-generational wealth.  I can only think of one other person.

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