Saturday, February 25, 2017

Indivisible Constituent-led Town Hall

Tonight, Dennis and I attended a very well-attended (800+ people?) town hall for our senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.  But the senators (both democrats) were not there.  They had chosen not to hold a town hall during the recess.  So, as Robert Reich suggested, the constitutents, in this case, Indiviisible North Seattle held on on their behalf.  Invited them to come.  They declined, didn't even send staff, though our congresswoman did send a staff member.  They were represented by their pictures in the chairs.

We held the town hall anyway.  Very well done, pretty rollicking actually.  I happened to see it on a twitter feed this morning.  We decided to go.  Parking looked like a problem, the bus iffy.  But they had a carpool option.  I went for it and we ended going down with some of the organizers which was actually more fun.

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