Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Womxn's March

Today Dennis and I along with my friend Mary Ann and her friend Claire joined 130,000 (by police estimates) other people in the Seattle Womxn's March.  The whole march was 3.6 miles but there were access points along the way.  Our ride dropped us off at Pine, the spot closest to the end.  A whole crowd of people gathered, when the march came we joined in and marched to the end, maybe 1 mile.  OK, pretty weenie, but we did it.  Weather was great.  Lots of people like my friend Mary Ann's sign about her granddaughters, many took pictures of it.  We got done before 1 pm and the policeman said that there were still people who hadn't left the starting point.  So then we tried to get home which took us longer than the march.  The buses were not running.  Finally I called my daughter in law Megan who graciously came and rescued us.

Very peaceful and full of good energy.  But where do we go from here?

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