Sunday, January 29, 2017

Edmonds Demonstration

A young person created a Facebook event earlier today, a protest demonstration in nearby Edmonds.  I decided to go, put it on my Facebook page, my friend from dog park days wrote "really?"  I said "I dunno, why not show up and we can catch up?"  So Dennis and I went and so did my friend and we did have a great chat while waving signs.  I'm guessing 500 people were there on all four corners of a busy intersection.  This is a blue town so many many people in cars honked their horn as they went through.
In Edmonds?  Yup.
A picture from the Edmonds Beacon

And another one with Dennis in it.  He's holding a sign which I made my very own self, that said "No Ban of refugees/No Bannon on NSC

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