Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My blue bubble

I live in a blue bubble.  Check out this map.  I tried to mark where I live with an 'x'.  It's just to the left of the label 'Kenmore' just northwest of the top of Lake Washington.  The dark blue areas are precincts that went Clinton 70% or more.  Blue, blue, blue,  The City of Seattle apparently went for Trump 8%.  Everybody I know is still in shock.  They cannot understand how this could happen.  It's bad news for anybody of color.  Or of a different religious group.  Or a perceived different religious group.  I hope that Trump can deliver on those jobs he promises.  Really it would.  But I don't see how that happens if you just keep the rich people richer.

And can this be true?  The president elect's son in law is running a vendetta against anybody connected with Chris Christie (not my favorite either) because Christie (as NJ Attorney General) prosecuted his father ten years ago involving tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions and a bungled plot involving luring his brother in law (and state's witness) into a prostitution contact for blackmail purposes.  Really?  In the White House?  Settling scores with a prosecutor?

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