Sunday, November 20, 2016

A surprise wedding!

Last night Susanna and Megan held their 'sendoff' party where they rented a funky fun venue in Georgetown (The Stable) and had friends and family come for a party celebrating their upcoming marriage in Hawaii.


They had talked about getting legally married in Washington before they went so they could get Megan on Susanna's insurance.  Plus you can't get a marriage license in Washington and get married in Hawaii.  We thought maybe a courthouse thing.  Or something.

These two like surprises.

So, unbeknownst to me, they planned to have the legal wedding during the party itself.  One reason why Meredith was in town.  So at 9 pm, Susanna called everybody together and showed a portion of the videos that she's made (she's good) and then announced that they would get legally married right then.  And then called Dave (Megan's dad) and me up to sign the papers.  I immediately asked Susanna to ask Dennis up also.

So there I am, up on the little stage, signing the papers as a witness.  It was fun!

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