Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Graphic footage

This quarter, I'm taking a class called Holocaust and America which is about America's reaction to the Holocaust.  I have some differences with the teacher and how I'm treated as an access student but I'm willing to go forward.  I know that it will be difficult and uncomfortable time with a difficult and uncomfortable subject.

Today she talked about antisemitism in American in the 1920s and 1930s.  Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, etc.  A few years ago, Dennis owned some Ford stock, after awhile I just couldn't tolerate owning stock in Henry Ford's company so I made him sell it. 

I think the students were shocked at the idea of the American extremist opinion.  Many did not realize that this could happen.  So much now, substitute Muslim for Jewish and you've got some of the same hating going on.

I finally got put in the class.  She has some video portions.  Tonight I watched Nazi Concentration Camps US Army footage shown at the Nuremberg trials.  Very very very graphic.  An entire hour.  I did it; I watched it..  This part were some survivors.  This is bad enough but NOTHING like some of the other images.

Nuremberg,, In Bavaria, near where my maternal grandmother's family came from in the mid nineteenth century.

I will never go to Bavaria.

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