Wednesday, July 27, 2016


On Sunday, we heard Malala speak.  We had bought the tickets months before, were warned via email about security lines.  So we got there about 6:15 for a 7:30 start.  Yes it was a long line but it moved along.  When we got into HecEd (big basketball arena at UW) we were surprised that it wasn't full.

Turned out that was because the crowd overwhelmed their security procedures.  The event started an hour late!  And so hot in there!  We were up in nosebleed.  I could not tolerate the benches without backs so moved a row up illegally.  Finally she started.  So articulate and impressive.  And accessible.  She connected so well with this large audience.  She seemed to feel personally responsible that it was so hot and security took so long. (Note: I've been to high school graduation there and it gets hot).

I felt it was worth the time to hear how idealism and commitment of this young woman.  She said that after she woke up in the hospital after being shot, her main worry was how could her family pay for her care?? 

Susanna and Naomi came with us.  Pictures taken by Susanna

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