Saturday, June 25, 2016

Savery Secret

My class this summer is in Savery Hall on the main quad.  Many of these buildings look great on the outside but the inside is pretty worn and run down.  This hall, part of the sociology department, has been remodeled and looks pretty handsome inside.  But this nice new classroom (though it does have bolted theater style seats) can be pretty stuffy in the summertime.  Sleepy, drowsy, no good!   Brand new windows that look like they should open.  But nobody can figure out how to open them.  So I call the Sociology department, they don't know, they send me to Classroom support, no they're part of IT something else, they don't know, refer me to facilities, they wonder why I'm calling if it's not an emergency, they refer me to the Building Coordinator.

Who tells me about the secret latches on the inside of the frame, you have to flip those.

Seeeecret stuff

Oh, I will try that on Tuesday.

All of these people answered the phone which is a miracle in itself.

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