Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Naomi selling pops

Naomi's main job this summer is working for her future sister in law Megan in her business Seattle Pops.  This third summer, Seattle Pops is in even more farmers markets.  Which means that there has to be more people selling them.  Here's Naomi at the recent Shoreline farmers market.  Popsicle sales are really sensitive to weather.  When the warm sun comes up, people like buying popsicles.  If it's cool and drizzly, not so much.  So you can see Naomi wearing her jacket here in June.  I went over to keep her company and she's posing for me rather than selling pops to a line of customers.  When it gets warm, they buy.  Seattle Pops has a ton of return customers.

Employers (Microsoft, Amazon) are setting up farmers markets for their employees.  Right on their campuses.  Naomi works these but they haven't quite caught on yet.

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