Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Jane

The Jane Sanders Stadium, the new softball stadium at U of Oregon is just as beautiful as advertised.  Gorgeous!  Safe seating!  Nice decorating!  Good design!  Flushies!  Even has uniformed game day staff.  What's up with THAT?  I chatted with two of the previous coaches and we marveled at it all.
A beautiful building just for softball stuff.  I mean that team won't know what to do without their attendant cockroaches in the basement of MacArthur Court.  I swear the cockroaches hold that old building up.

Record attendance there today over 2500.

But the Ducks did not play well.  They eked out a win over UCLA yesterday.  But not today.  Dennis and I decided that it wasn't that Oregon didn't play well.  It was that UCLA was just perfect in the field.  Made many great outfield plays, double plays.  In fact yesterday UCLA turned three double plays in the first three innings.  Yesterday Oregon made 6 errors.  You just cannot do that.  Their start senior pitcher goes in and out; sometimes she looks in her old form but then she can't get the ball over the plate.  Their third baseman, excellent, got hit with a pitch last weekend.  In the face.  So she's out for right now so that the outfield is off;  People are not playing their regular positions.  Third base is a crucial position in softball.  The hot corner.  You have to be so tough, just an animal to play third at this high level.

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