Sunday, April 24, 2016

Karen and the art bridge

My friend Karen after her drumming weekend.  I'm  proud to call her my friend.  We're part of a writing/support group that formed after the very first class I took after my mother died; Guided Autobiography, a community college extension class.  Afterwards the five of us (really now just three) decided to keep meeting.  Six years ago and still growing strong.  We come from very different backgrounds and we would not have been friends without  this writing class.

She's working on getting together art classes for adults with memory loss.  The art has turned into a passion for her.  They're giving some classes for free to start out and sounded like they needed some bodies.  I volunteered to come.  Saturday afternoon at the library.  She's got great ideas; she had a great project all ready to go.  The inspiration was Monet and paintings of the bridge in his garden.

It's always fun to do art projects.  Don't worry if you're not an artist of 'no good at it!'.  One lady came and brought her mother.  We all did the project.  After it was over, the lady said that her mother hadn't talked so much for a long time.  Karen was very pleased.

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