Sunday, March 13, 2016


One of the most useful, gotta have it websites.

You know, the City Light Outage map.  Cannot live without it.

So, I wasn't paying much attention to the weather forecasts.  Not that it mattered.  But it was really rainy on our Uwajamaya run this morning.  Good haul for the food bank btw, probably 150 pounds, mostly produce.  Then it got rainy and awful.  Then I went to a team meeting kind of in the middle of Shoreline at this big grocery store.  Which I had actually forgotten, thank goodness for email reminders.  No power.  We sat by the window and had our meeting anyway.  Winds blowing like crazy everywhere.  Get out that outage map.  Yikes!  The whole west side of Shoreline out.

That bad feeling.  We always always lose our power.

Wind blows and blows.  We keep our power.  Check out this image of the outage map as of 9 pm.  We're slightly northwest of the north end of Lake Washington (the big lake).

All around us, power is out.  Except us.  This NEVER happens people.  I'm getting a case of survivor guilt.  Dennis suggests we turn out the lights and pretend we don't have power.

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