Friday, March 25, 2016

Rabbi Koch - SCORE

I'm going to have a much better version of this picture.  In fact, I paid $35 for a custom scan.

Because I want it.

Today, I went down to the MOHAI (Museum of History of Industry) resource building down in Georgetown.  Didn't know such a thing existed.  Do you know they have a research library there?  That they used to be the Seattle Historical Society.  I did not know.

The librarian had found several pictures for me, nothing too exciting, some exterior, some interior.

But this is the one, the interior, the white torah coverings indicate the High Holidays.  And there's the little torah I'd hear about.  If I can remember who mentioned it.  Who's the man?  It's not Rabbi Levine.  Of course, the obvious, the business suit,the bald head, it's Rabbi Koch!  In his synagogue.

It's a Seattle PI picture, the date on the back is unclear but it could be 1926 or 1928,  Would match this picture.

I love having an interior and I love having people in the picture and especially important people.

The flowers are little over the top but they really knew how to do flowers back then.  Great big bouquets cascading!

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