Saturday, March 5, 2016

Harvest Son

I haven't totally given up on this blog, just mostly.  When did I start it?  Spring of 2007.  I've written thousands of entries.

A shout out to this  book I'm currently reading..  Harvest Son by David Mas Masimoto.  My term for it, gentle-hearted.  Just read a few sentences about it on Amazon and they used the word 'lyrical.'  That too.  A memoir ot a man, maybe a little younger than us, not sure.  He grew up on a raisin and peach farm near Fresno and then gong to UC Berkeley he returns to the central valley and starts farming with his father.  Where he stays.  With commitment and fondness.

Gives me a sense in the validity of our own decisions we make about our lives.  And how, sometimes, we can do it, we can do what we intend and make it our own.  A fascinating view of a community that I didn't know much about.  I think it was a book assigned for Naomi's ethnic studies class and she left it around and I took it.

Also went to watch a little collegiate softball...

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