Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Save the date

Susanna sent out a Save The Date postcard for her December wedding.  I used to think that destination weddings were a dumb idea but this seems the right thing to do.  Mainly because the scale is so much smaller with matching lower costs.  If everybody is at the same place anyway, everything can be smaller and getting everything together at the exact same moment is not so important.  That's one of the hard parts of wedding planning.  When those guests start to arrive, you better have everything all ready to go.

The flowers for Danny's wedding didn't arrive until 45 minutes after it was supposed to start, oh well.

That's so hard, having everythng together.  So many moving parts.  Is the wedding party there?  Are they all dressed like they're supposed to?  What about the wedding couple?  The families?  The visiting family.  The venue, the food, the officiant, the flowers, the cake, the decorations, the photographer, the music.  Is it all right there ready to go?

Any laggards, no shows?  So nerve wracking.

This destination wedding will still be crazy but a lot more relaxed.

They can have their send-off party whenever they want....

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