Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Know before whom you stand

A while back I asked one of the rabbis to translate this Hebrew phrase that is across the top of the aron kodesh (or torah ark) now in the chapel.

I don't have the Hebrew but the translation is

Know before whom you stand

which sounds like the stern Hebrew God.  Listen up!

I am trying to organize the images I have; this kind of organizational work is particularly hard for me.

Cash (the seeing eye poodle) is now back home.  His owner Eleni was so glad to see him.  The trip to Ethiopia was challenging and she was glad to be back and with her companion.  I know that Cash, um, filled out when he was here.  She had told me he was a picky slow eater.  I don't know if this is the same dog because he gobbled up all the food I put in front of him.  So he looked considerably different, plumped out.  'Cash and a half' I called him

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