Monday, January 4, 2016

Back to the Young Professor

Time to return to the Young Professor.  I got thrown out of his class last quarter, which gave me the opportunity to take the African American literature class.  But I'm not giving up on him.  Actually he kind of looked like hell at the beginning of last quarter.  Harried, I think he really didn't want to throw us access students out.

But I started the new class, "Introduction to Jewish Cultural History, "  As he says, it's in Galut, meaning in exile in a rather derogatory form, in the middle of nowhere.  Condon Hall, the old law school which has been used for whatever office needed relocating.  Always kind of run down.  But Condon was bustling today, tons of students.  In Galut, not in central campus.  But not as bad as Fisheries.  My bus line, starts a block or two away it's not so bad.

He introduced himself and then proudly, and with a flourish, announced that he was a new father.  He had a 3 1/2 week old son.  Like all new parents, this aftermath and intensity of this event comes as a complete surprise and nobody else has ever experienced it.  But mazeltov, I must give him a pair of booties.

Naomi, knit!  Please!

Tons of access students in this class, at least 10.

He passed out a sheet of Chrismas song lyrics, the punch line being that they were all written by Jews.  Was this a conflict?  Were they Christian songs?  Jewish songs?  One student made a convincing argument that Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer was really about oppression of the Jews.  I was right there and the Young Professor was amused.

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