Saturday, October 24, 2015

Scenery from Alaskan waters

Going up the Inside Passage in southeastern Alaska gives unending scenery opportunities.  A lot of times it was gray.  But sometimes the sun broke through to show endless miles of forested unoccupied lands.  Unoccupied by people that is.

This was right before we stopped at Haines and went off in a bus with local nature guy looking at the lakes and river with tons of eagles.

Imagine all of the scenery that we didn't see.  Being mid October, the sunset came early.  They also cut the lights in the forward lounge for navigation purposes.  And the boat ran around the clock.  The ferry kept going even as we slept.  Sometimes the stops were in the middle of the night.  Which didn't make for great sighseeing times.  In fact, we passed Juneau northbound and southbound in the middle of the night.

We enjoyed a smooth ride except for the few ocean crossings when we were subjected to the rough waters of the north Pacific.  Lots of rocking and rolling.  We used many of my seasickness remedies.

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