Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Just doing my thing

Yesterday, when I trudged back from the library to the parking lot among the busyness of the UW fall quarter finally underway.  Lots of students and activity.  I thought, what am I doing here?

It came to me to use a phrase from not quite 50 years back but still in use.

I'm doing my own thing.

All this crazy research that I do, it's just my thing that I do.  I used to enjoy doing it way back when.  Now I'm doing yet another big project because...because...because... I don't know, because I want to.

I'm doing my first big interview on Thursday before we leave and I'm afraid I'm going to blow it.  I just have get through it, it's the only way.

You know who I like?  Nathan Eckstein.  He reminds me a lot of Maier.  Both Bavarian Jews though Nathan Eckstein was 44 years younger.  He married into the Schumacher family and this building is all about the Schumachers. But reading the minutes if something needed to be done, even if it was sensitive or unpleasant or required getting people to work together, Nathan Eckstein stepped up and got it done.  Just like Maier.

Also had a school named after him.  Nathan Eckstein Middle School is still going strong, thank you very much.

Just doing my own thing....

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