Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Maybe Rosh Hashonah this year

I can go to High Holiday services at Kolhaneshemah.  Without even going all the way to West Seattle.  If I go to one service, it's usually Kol Nidre, the heavy hitter as Ilana put it.  My mother always said to my father (who was never late), we can't be late for Kol Nidre, I've got to be there for Kol Nidre.  The temple was way across town with no freeways.  If you get there late, you don't get to listen.  it's the big moment.  Gotta be there.

But I think when I brought the kids, I went for Erev Rosh Hoshanah, the evening Rosh Hoshanah service.  I can't remember if they blow the shofar, maybe just in the morning.  It seemed more accessible, more upbeat, shorter.

I'm thinking I'm in the mood for Rosh Hashonah this year.  Dennis, reasonably, will go to one service.  Always felt more authentic going to Kol Nidre, you gotta be there, it's the time.  There's always that anticipation before it starts.  Here it comes.  But it's long and dirgy, drawn out.  There's different ways you can do it, with violin, three times.  There was one young musician when I was in Kadima, he chanted it instead of singing it.  I remember it as being touching and intense.

Is it only blown in the morning and not in the evening?  I think I used to make the mistake of thinking it would be in the evening service and than it wasn't.

I'll think about it....

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