Friday, September 4, 2015

A new theory about the old sactuary

Here's a new idea regarding the 1907 design of Temple De Hirsch.  The architect (had his name slightly wrong) Julian Franklin Everett or J. F. Everett designed a number of public buildings.

I could not imagine that his design was influenced by eastern European synagogues or even the work of Arnold Brunner.

My friend Mary Ann suggested that I look at Immaculate Conception Catholic church.  To the left.  Built in 1904, just a few blocks from the Temple location, it was the largest grandest Catholic church in the city.

Look again at Temple De Hirsch, built in 1907, you can see the similarities.  Likely the congregation leadership would have been pleased to have a building similar to the new grand church.
Very simiilar, there's the portico in front but very similar....

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