Sunday, August 16, 2015

Very nice picnic

Dennis and I just came home from the Changes picnic.  Could not have been nicer.  I know that my friend Diane helped organize it and she worried about the usual things, not enough shade, what about the food.

And it all came out perfect.  I didn't take a picture but this was the picnic shelter overlooking Puget Sound.  Sunny 75 degrees, plenty of shade, so pleasant.  Last year, the group was going to have an auction, decided not to do it.  They had already put down a deposit on a caterer.  So, they decided to cater the picnic instead as they would lose the money otherwise.  Even nicer.  Marion played the harp,  Another plus.  I saw many people there I knew.  Some people had some burning questions they wanted to talk about with me.  Dennis went, had a good time.  Food was great.  My fruit salad went.

And to cap it off, I saw Eleni with her guide dog Cash a standard poodle.  Cash really likes me. He and I have a special relationship.   He put on one of the best dog greetings ever.  Jumping around running circles around me.  Nobody could quite believe it; he was so cute.

Have to appreciate a good time.

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