Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Another Old Sanctuary Interior Pic

I found this down at Special Collections this afternoon.  Quality not so great.  Hmmmm, somebody wasn't hit with the depression.

Photo of Helen Bornstein when she married R. Wallace Rucker on January 30, 1932.  From the Rotogravure Section of the Seattle Times.  It was a big deal wedding with bridesmaids in turquoise gowns and a big reception at the Olympic Hotel.  This shot is clearly inside the Old Sanctuary with the aron in the background, the candelabras.  All decorated up.

Actually, the picture I took with my phone of the crummy copy (looked photocopied) in the file at Special Collections is better quality than the picture I can pull off the Seattle Times website.  I know that it would also appear on microfilm but I don't know if the quality would be any better.

I want detail!  I want more photos of the the interior of the Old Sanctuary with people in the picture.

Off to talk to the Director of the Washington State Historical Society tomorrow morning.

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