Saturday, May 9, 2015

New cousin!

Just a week ago, on our trip to Connecticut, I participated in Mishkan Israel's 175th History Weekend.  I spoke on a panel of families with connections with the 19th century families.  One huge plus was that I got to meet a new cousin (third cousin or something) Stacie who, with her husband traveled over 2 hours from New Jersey to meet us and hear my talk.  So now I know her and she's part of my extended family.  Great!  Thanks so much Stacie for coming!

Also a not so focused picture of me during my (very short) talk.  The people on the panel and likely in pretty good sized audience were descended from those Bavarian Jews who came to New Haven in the 1850s or so.  Betsy B, to the right of me, remembered my mother and my grandmother.

Such a good crowd; I think there were 60-70 folks there.  Wanting to hear about Maier Zunder, can you imagine?  And I've been boring people for years about him here in Seattle.

Maybe even more than had attended the keynote the night before.

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