Saturday, May 2, 2015

Great time at Mishkan Israel

The main reason for coming - participate in a panel discussion program of people with connection to the 19th century Bavarian families that founded Mishkan Israel.  How could I let that one pass by?  Who did  talk about?  Maier Zunder, of course!  And, instead of rolling their eyes, like they usually do, people wanted to hear about him.  And there were people there who remembered by mother and grandparents.  Bigger and fancier than I thought.  Over 60 people there.  Nice tables set up with decorations.  No way  I could use my visuals.

And my cousin Stacy came!  Who I have never met!  They came from New Jersey.  So wonderful.

The practicing I did with Dennis earlier in the day really paid off.  And  wore my new outfit.

It was all good!

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