Sunday, April 26, 2015

Santa Cruz visit and party went great

Been real busy and pictures not available.  But our reunion party at JJ's of the Crown '74s went great.  Almost everybody we expected showed and tons of hugs and intense conversations.

Note to others planning potlucks in possibly 'on the road' locations.  If you have a lot of guys coming (we did) and you are specifying 'main dish' so you'll have a substantial meal, you will acquire way too many rotisserie chickens.  Every time I looked on the table, there were more.  We ended up with 5.  I took the meat off the bones and we all ate chicken sandwiches the next day.

JJ made two main dishes; Lynn and I made huge fruit and green salads and bought so much stuff at the Buttery Bakery, we couldn't even carry it.

Now at Sue B's om Marin County.  Nice ride.

Plus we stopped in San Mateo to visit my brother; he wanted to try the set meal at this Cajun place down the street.  Which involved way way too many cooked crawfish.....just saying

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