Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Zealand beauty

Don't know where this was taken.  I took it from Crown classmate Barry Weingast's Facebook page.  The beauty struck me so strongly.  He's on a trip there; won't be back for our reunion party.  Too bad!

Some discussion in my class today about the immigrant experience and whether education is always good.  Specifically whether the good hearted middle class women's efforts to educate the young immigrant Eastern European women benefited them.  Or were they only training them to be domestics in their own households.  Did that really help them?  Especially when publicly the established organizations worried that these young women would be trafficked into prostitution yet they were funneled into domestic service where sexual exploitation was very likely.

Thinking of the school that Naomi teaches at which serves a very low income densely populated area in the Phoenix area.  99.9% free lunch.  This school rates low on the rankings.  Yet, hearing about her experiences, this school seems very well run with teachers and administrators who work hard and care about their students.  Naomi  teaches in a classroom for children with low English skills.  They often have to trade off the extra time spent on reading and writing English at the cost of other subjects including social studies and science.  Anybody who wants to criticize these schools should spend some time at them.  Dennis and I are planning to visit and present a unit on blogging.

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