Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Happy birrhday to my daughter in law Jessica.  She's 28 today.  We went out to lunch at a kind of new restaurant (along with Susanna and Megan) and I enjoyed myself a lot.  I thought this could include my irithday (as it's a week aftrer Jessica's)  But apparently not.  Danny announced that he wanted to have a birthday dinner for me next week in his new place.  Susanna says she's in.  Wish Matt, Ilana and Naomi were here.

I love Jessica; she's a great addition to our family.

So, really that's pretty darn nice.  Messes up my writing group.  But scheduling and re-scheduling just keeps on happening.

As I look at my last few posts, I have that gut reaction.  I don't want to 'remember Don'.  I want Don to be healthy and ok.  I didn't try to talk to Meryl today; I will try in a few days.  It's a long haul.

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