Sunday, March 1, 2015

The biggest hit

I took this off a screenshot of a college softball tournament that Cal has played in this weekend.  Actually Cal won a squeaker against Longwood.  Not a team you would think would challenge Cal but that's why you play the games.

But it's just an illustration about the biggest hit that I ever saw.  In a college game.  Or any game.  Hit by the great Kristen Rivera 'Rico' who played catcher for the University of Washington.  I think it was 2005, ten years ago already.

In the picture, you can see the outfield fence in sections with blue and white paint on them.  Those sections are taller than the players.  You have to hit the ball pretty hard to clear the fence.  Though Susanna did it once in 2007.

Behind the outfield fence probably 10 or 20 feet back are four very tall poles.  Notice how much taller those poles are compared to the outfield fence.  Netting is strung on those poles up to the top.  I assume that to ensure that no hit balls go into the tennis courts below.

U Oregon softball played a tournament there in 2005.  Usually a pac 12 team would not face another pac 12 team in a pre-season tournament.  But in this case, Oregon did play Washington.  Kristen Rivera was a feared hitter and she had been walked all weekend.  Our pitcher Lindsey who threw a lot of junk pitches, pitched to her.  A change-up fattie and Rico unloaded on that ball.

And it went over the netting on the poles.  The biggest hit I have ever seen.  One of those that you say is still going.  Or as one dad said "That one looks like it has stewardesses on it!"

The stadium went quiet and everybody gave her a standing ovation.  What a hit!  The Jacksonville girls were sitting in front of me and they could not believe what they were seeing.  Finally one of the players piped up, "That's my next at bat!"

But where's the scoreboard in right field?  Susanna hit her home run off the scoreboard.

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