Sunday, March 29, 2015

Howe Field pics

I mentioned that Howe Field, the softball field at Univ of Oregon, would be torn down and replaced with a real softball stadium after this season.  Though it has its own ambience and atmosphere, it's time for it to go.  The seating is dangerous, there's little handicapped access (esp for players) and, of course, no flushies.  And those famous line of sight problems.  As Dennis says, it could be better but it isn't.

I had trouble with those bleachers 10 years ago and I haven't improved since.  We did enjoy the game on Friday, watching Cheridan Hawkins pitch her perfect game.

Here's a few pictures....

I've long maintained that Howe is the oldest field in D1 softball, built in 1936; adapted for softball in 1987.  Here's a picture from 1939.  Same darn place; looks like the same concrete bleachers on the first base line.  No dugout, just a bench.  Baseball of course.

And the second image came up from some aggregator site.  Hey, who's that playing centerfield?  My daughter of course, no doubt about it.  She only played center in 2004 and 2005, then moving to 2nd base.  I'm guessing 2004 because they're still wearing shorts uniforms which ended quickly.

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