Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fun at the river

This morning I met my friend Julia at our favorite pool to do some deep water aerobics on our own.  You have to roll with pool use.  Unfortunately a diving class was in the deep water plus a few other people.  We did our thing in one of the lap lanes but then a legit lap swimmer came by.  Why don't we try the river?  suggests Julia.

The river is a separate area of the pool that has a current going around kind of in a circle.  So we tried our exercises in there.  Before we knew it, we were just having fun.  We walked against the current, we tried floating around in a sitting position, we tried doing the abs part in a protected area out of the current.  Then, just like the kids, we floated around in the current.  Fast!  Great for core muscles.

There we were, two 60 somethings having a ball in the river.  Why not?

That's not us in the pictures.  But that is the River at our pool.  I love our pool.

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