Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bombing in Seattle

I'm writing about 'civil defense' from a child's point of view.  That Civil Defense specifically around the possibility of a nuclear attack.  My friend, an archivist sent me a link to a civil defense film made locally in 1943.  Pre-atom bomb.  But during big time war.  This 14 minute film produced by the Civilian War Commission of Seattle, highlighted a huge demonstration held at Husky Stadium, apparently with a large crowd showcasing what kinds of preparations the city (not the individuals) had made for a possible bombing of Seattle.  Three times, real bombers flew over the stadium simulating a bombing attack from the 'deceitful enemy' Japan.  They built some fake houses and buildings and had real time fires that would result from bombing.  And then showed how their specially trained men would deal with the emergency.  Quite elaborate.  Different kind of fires, broken water mains, casualties.

And the usual parading around of equipment.

But an impressive view of one approach for preparedness.  What a period piece!

It's on Youtube if you would like to watch it.

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