Sunday, February 22, 2015

Therapy pool!

A break from reading the rabbis back to the pool.  Shoutout  to anybody living nearby.  Go check out the new Mountlake Terrace Therapy Pool.  It's where the broken jacuzzi used to be.  It's open pool hours.  Like a hot tub but way way more.  Lots and lots of jets which actually work.  Only design flaw is that the floor is not too level.

I've been in there twice and it feels so good.  I have all sorts of back and stiffness issues and after about 15 minutes in the pool, I feel like a different person.  Especially the water jets on my feet, ankles and shoulders.  I stumble out of there feeling like I'm about to melt into a puddle.  In a good way.

I think it's really good for me; especially as I'm not able to tolerate massage.  A great addition.  Only picture I could find.

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