Monday, February 16, 2015

Line dancing fun

Parent group had a 'fun raiser' last night.  OK we didn't look like this but I didn't take any pictures.  They hoped to make enough money to cover expenses and they probably did that.  We did do some dances, the electric slide, etc.  Fun!  About 35 people came.  General good spirits.  A barbecue caterer was in another part of the venue, giving a food tasting for prospective wedding parties.  He had a bunch left so he invited us to sample his food.  So we all had a great plate of barbecue.  Many thanks to Portley Pig BBQ.  What a treat and for free!  Yum!

We had a 50/50 raffle.  Grover, in the Everett group, pretty smart guy, was looking for a special ticket.  He was celebrating his birthday and he wanted a ticket ending in 37, because that was his birth year.  I was selling tickets and he waited until he got the ticket ending in 37.  We had somebody from the facility pull the winning ticket.  And, Grover won!  He called it!  We also had a bake sale and he took his winnings and bought most everything left over.

Teresa brought two of her award winning pies.  Priced at $25.  Colleen and I went in on one of them and split the pie.  I've had a little of our share and is that one delicious pie!!!  I don't know how she makes them to taste sooo good.  Probably one of those butter sugar flour things.

So successful and fun....

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