Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I was not the only one

I had lunch with my friend Trina today; she's the same age as me.  I asked her if she had been frightened about nuclear war.  She said that she been very scared as a child.  Every time she heard a plane fly overhead, she would think that the bombs were coming.  She lived on the east coast not too far from New York City.  She said the local department store in her town had a displaying everything that you would need to outfit a fallout shelter.  Right in the front of the store.  Her grandparents lived two doors down; she thought maybe they had a fallout shelter that she would go to.

But she definitely felt the fear.  Interesting that when I've asked others if they worried, most have that they didn't think about it; didn't feel afraid, were not worried.

A 1952 picture of a well-appointed fallout shelter......

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