Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Still have it

Last weekend, as I wrote, Dennis organized a birthday luncheon with members of his family.  We were so happy that his niece Krystal came with her baby.

I've raised 4 kids...from babyhood.  Though I don't consider myself a whiz with kids.  When we got to the restaurant (I know some people could bring kids to restaurants but we couldn't, who could afford it anyway?  This was just one baby).  When we sat down, Krystal handed 8 month old Hannah to me.  Hannah appears to be an extremely 'easy' baby.  The whole time, she was cheerful and engaged, smiling, hamming it up.  Didn't fuss, didn't even put that many things in her mouth.  And this was after some morning hours with great grandma.

So Krystal handed Hannah to me and, unconcsciously, instantly, not even realizing it, I knew just what to do.  First thing, that big glass right in front of me full of lemonade and ice?  If I don't move very quickly that glass is going to be dumped in my lap.  So immediately, I move all that stuff out of reach.  I grab some soup spoons and some small bowls used for tartar sauce and put them within reach.  She can play with those.  I pick them up, give them to her, we turn them upside down, maybe tap the spoon on the bowl.  So I'm still participating in the conversation but Hannah and I are also playikng with the bowls and spoons.  Yes, they all eventually end up on the floor but that's not my problem; I don't even worry about it.

Anybody would do this, right?  Later I realize that's not true.  My brother in law Dave, Hannah's grandfather is in the background.  At one point, he was holding her and I could tell he didn't really have a clue.

Still have it.

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