Saturday, January 31, 2015


I'm cohosting a party in late April.  With my college roomie JJ.  In Santa Cruz.  That's right, in another state.  At her house, which is very well set up for a party.  This grew out of the great time that we had last year at the 40th reunion for Crown 1974.  Not a lot us, maybe a dozen.

So this year is the 50th anniversary of the campus and they're making some kind of big deal about it.  So, why not get together again?  Life is short and we've all come to realize something that we always knew.  That group that came to UCSC Crown College in 1970.  Something special in the air, something working to have this group of young people gather together.  Some huge amount of energy and grace binding and infiltrating us.  It was a magic time, I felt it at the time.  And I had extremely high expectations.  As I reflected, I realized that other people, even those who went to college at that time did NOT have that experience.

But the party, sure, why not?  Last spring, we were talking a reunion 5 years down the line and JJ said she would host.  But why wait?  We're especially working with Barry G on the east coast.  We both really like him.  I liked him then and still do.  We'll make it pot luck dinner, we'll wash the dishes.  Now we just have to get people to come.

Maybe, just maybe, I mean it could happen.  Back there in the dusty haze was a pickup band formed with just young men (it was 1970, sigh).  The Crown Surf Band.  Bunch of guys got together and belted out surf music which was already rather retro in 1970.  One of the members now has a professional singing career.  He told Barry that he was coming.  Maybe he would sing at the party.  Maybe we could have a reprise of the Surf Band.  Myself, as has been pointed out to me many times, I'm tone deaf and can't carry a tune.  Besides that I would be a great band member.  I dug out my old tambourine!  Yes!

So I looked for a picture.  I don't remember it (and I would have been paying attention) but Life Magazine ran a spread on UCSC (enrollment then 3500, now getting near 20,000 I think) in May 1970.  I came Sept 1970.  Pretty much ground zero of the counter culture.  Is this a slow dance in the sun or WHAT?

Cowell College, looking out over the meadow towards Monterey Bay.  Slow dance in the sun, that's the rap that we got.

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