Monday, January 26, 2015

New pic of Naomi

A new picture of herself that Naomi put up on her Facebook Page.  A nice picture of a young woman already started in her career.  Now she does teach in the same town as the Super Bowl this weekend.  I think that there's a lot going on.  The people attending the Super Bowl will likely not see the part of town where she teaches.  Her school Title 1, 99% reduced price lunch.

She's not going; others living cities that have hosted have rented out rooms or their apartment at very lucrative rates.  But Naomi says "But where would Albert (her cat) and I sleep?"  No, she just has to keep teaching and keep things together.  The Super Bowl can be for it's own fanatics.

Watchuing that big snow storm Juno hit in the east.  Thinking of my cousin in Cheshire CT.  Connecticut seems to be right in the center of it.  Right now!

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