Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Manifest Injustice

Too much Parent Group stuff!

Today I did do Court Support for a friend in the group  As usual, it took the whole morning because that's just how it goes.  The 17 year old young man was not released.  I thought he might and that could have happened but it didn't.  I've seen this judge several times all with this young man; very impressed with him.  He cares a lot and has thoughtfully considers the options every hearing with giving the young person every chance to improve his situation and, in this case, get appropriate treatment.  Let's just say that this young man has not always made wise choices, in fact mostly not.  He's been incarcerated much of the last three or four years.  Also a shoutout to the treatment program which has showed a lot of care and perseverance.

It's up to the young man now; he'll soon be 18.

The judge has used a principle called Manifest Injustice. or MI ing up.  The judge has the option, if the sentencing guidelines are not appropriate, he can declare Manifest Injustice and up the sentence.  The judge has done this, I believe, so this young man will have more supervision.  Not punitive really.  The young man might not agree.

As always, kudos in general to King County Juvenile Justice!

The picture is not about this case, I took it from a newspaper site.  But it gives the flavor or being taken into custody.  The young man from today's hearing is of color.

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